Dear SnapScapes fan,

I’m happy to announce that our image based customer service app is still set to be launched between April 30th and May 15th. That’s only a month away!

After it’s release we will be giving away free 6 month licenses to 100 bold and visionary businesses so they can be the first to take our software for a test spin. If you’re one of the the lucky first 100 to get in line here’s what you’ll get just for helping us develop the product:

  1. Free use of SnapScapes from May 15th 2015 to October 15 2016
  2. One customer support MMS hotline with your area code prefix
  3. A custom support email address
  4. The ability to communicate effortlessly with your customers

If you are interested in taking SnapScapes for a test spin or if you have any questions or comments about SnapScapes you can contact me directly by sending a message to But don’t delay! This offer will end on May 1st 2015 so that we have time to get everyone set up.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Steve Ruprecht
Founder, SnapScapes

PS – Still want to learn more about SnapScapes? Check out the SnapScapes website.

Steve Ruprecht is the founder of SnapScapes, web developer, and a retail managment enthusist. When he’s not blogging about retail or writing code he enjoys reading, family time, and watchinig plants grow.

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