Creating a Helping Culture with Snapscapes

In the late 1800’s, American entrepreneur Marshal Field acquired a […]

How to Grow Your Business by Creating a “Helping Culture”

If you’ve been in the business arena for any amount […]

What Brand Strength Means for Business

Creating a strong brand is more than just coming up […]

The 3 T’s of Employee Empowerment

On the sales floor, customer service lies entirely in the hands […]

Build customer loyalty through conversation

Customer loyalty has always been maintained through relationships. Building a […]

Building Trust: the foundation of Customer Retention and Excellent Customer Service

As noted in the previous blog, SnapScapes is not only […]

Earning, and Keeping, Customer Loyalty

“The single most important thing you can do for your […]

Why I started SnapScapes

“What should I plant here?” the frustrated young mother asked […]

Weeeeeeee’re here!

Hi, everyone! This is the start of a new blog […]

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