Building Trust: the foundation of Customer Retention and Excellent Customer Service

As noted in the previous blog, SnapScapes is not only about helping sales associates share specialized knowledge with clients, but also “about keeping millions of customers happy and coming back for more.”

So, how exactly does one do that?

Whether discussing the unique image-based customer support provided by SnapScapes or a routine customer order at the local coffee shop, great customer service begins with building trust between the client and the service provider.

In a recent article on, How to Deliver Great Customer Service, trust building was among the top 10 tips for garnering repeat customers. Building trust is perhaps the most important of these 10 ideas, as it creates a strong foundation for current and future collaborations.

In today’s digital world full of DIY project videos, Pinterest, and online storefronts, it is easy to see why building a foundation of trust and collaboration though difficult, is very necessary. Collaboration¬†seems to be a forgotten element in the field of customer service, when it should be at its core. In any given situation, the customer should believe that the employee, salesperson or service provider, is working alongside them to help solve a problem.

A customer should never feel as if they are navigating the waters alone, especially in any sort of diy project, whether it be crafting, building a model ship, designing a landscape, or redecorating a home.

Finding a sales assistant that you can trust is key. In this situation, a customer wants to know three things:

  1. Their sales consultant is sincerely concerned about solving their problem.
  2. If their sales consultant does not have the tools or means to find a solution, they will direct the customer towards someone who does.
  3. Their sales consultant is working with them and not just trying to push the latest gimmick, gadget or sale item.

Great customer service, is not, in fact, about selling, it is about building and maintaining long-term, positive relationships between the client and the service providers.

In essence, great customer service is the ultimate “grassroots project,” which helps build your customer base. If they have a good experience, they tell two friends and then those people tell two friends and so on and so forth!

Learn more about how to keep your customers “coming back for more” by contacting us today!

SnapScapes is an image based customer support tool that allows retailers to share their knowledge and expertise in pictures.

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