Build customer loyalty through conversation

Customer loyalty has always been maintained through relationships. Building a relationship with your customer is the best way to build loyalty.  In the past, relationships were limited. Today, these relationships have evolved into more of a conversation. Communication is the key to building customer loyalty.

The advancement in technology and communication is the primary reason for this shift. Social media is especially responsible for the increase in conversations between customers and companies. The opportunity to build relationships is easier and more important than ever. Because customers expect accessibility and communication with companies, it is crucial that businesses make themselves available and have a strong communication platform.

Information is the new marketing and conversation is the new way to build customer loyalty. People expect to have questions answered and concerns addressed  in a quick and efficient manner. They want to speak to real people. They want to interact with companies they same way they do with family and friends. We do this through conversation, texting, and  sharing images Customers need to feel that companies care about them and their problems. Every business sets out to solve a problem or fulfil a need for customers. It is time to take that one step further and infuse real conversations into your business plan.

There are several platforms a business can utilize to encourage conversations with customers. Social media is the most obvious choice. With the increase in use of mobile devices, texting has become another important means of communication between companies and customers. Emails, blogs, and a general web presence  are also important. The bottom line is you need to be accessible and available to customers. Use technology to your advantage to reach out and have conversations with potential customers and retain current customers. This is no longer optional in business, it is mandatory in order to be successful.

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Steve Ruprecht is the founder of SnapScapes, web developer, and a retail managment enthusist. When he’s not blogging about retail or writing code he enjoys reading, family time, and watchinig plants grow.

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