How to Grow Your Business by Creating a “Helping Culture”

If you’ve been in the business arena for any amount of time, then you already know that it’s competitive. In fact, this idea is shoved down our throats all the time – you have to get the sale before the next guy does, every time.

This can be healthy. It can motivate you and your employees to work harder and be more innovative – provided the competition is constructively guided. But if that competition becomes corrosive, and has your employees fighting tooth and nail for every advantage, it can destroy your company from within.

Fortunately, there’s another way. Many companies are succeeding by fostering a “helping culture” – one in which every employee is primarily motivated to assist, not compete.

This helping culture doesn’t just improve staff relations, however. It can also set you apart with your customers. Here’s how:

Helping Makes You Accessible

According to a recent study, the people in a company that are most likely to help aren’t necessarily the biggest experts. Instead, they’re the most accessible.

By encouraging your employees to be accessible, both to customers and each other, you open up their knowledge base to everyone who needs it. This in turn spreads that knowledge across the company, so that everyone benefits.

Encourage your employees to be easily accessible to customers. This means not only being physically present, but relatable. That’s the idea behind SnapScapes – that by bringing in easily understandable photo data, you can foster an environment of learning.

Helping Makes the Success of Others a Priority

Helping is a selfless act. It shows that you are committed to the other person succeeding and understanding, which in turn makes you a trusted resource.

When your employees help customers, they become personally invested in that customer’s problems – and their solutions. This investment can’t be faked – and it’s what separates great companies from competent ones.

This can’t be overstated. Many companies offer solutions – and many products are comparable in quality. What keeps customers coming back is a feeling of investment – and that is born through help.

Likewise, employees helping each other create an environment of selflessness, which in turn buoys the whole company.

Create Your Culture Today

If you’d like ideas and suggestions on how to create a helping culture in your company,¬†contact us¬†today. We’ll assist you in identifying areas where help can be increased, so that your business will grow – and your customers will thank you.

Steve Ruprecht is the founder of SnapScapes, web developer, and a retail managment enthusist. When he’s not blogging about retail or writing code he enjoys reading, family time, and watchinig plants grow.

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